Erik Wesselo – interview (English)

Visitors to this year’s Art Amsterdam could see Erik Wesselo’s Backward, in which the artist rides a horse seated back to front. Annet Gelink Gallery showed this film from 1996 together with new work, including the photoseries Indian garden. In the period between Backward and the recent photos, Wesselo’s films have shown the artist tied to a revolving windmill sail (Düffels möll, 1997), setting fire to his hair (Burning up, 1998), and having the word love tattooed on his hand (Love, 1998). The photoseries Forest time shown in the Van Abbemuseum in 2003 is a series of enlarged polaroids of landscapes – at first sight very different from his actions inspired by Chris Burden and others. Wesselo currently lives in India. In this interview he talks about his interests and explains how his recent work differs less from the earlier work than one might think. Read more

Marcel van Eeden

L. van Rhijn ‘Splashes of real blood and fictional authors. Literature in the work of Marcel van Eeden’

in: S. Berg, M. Hellmold, H. Lehmann e.a., Marcel van Eeden, Zeichnungen und Malerei 1992-2009, Dumont Buchverlag Köln, 2009

monografie in Duits/Engels – met interview door Arnon Grunberg – Amazon